Rosen History



"To provide highly integrated media and driver safety products that offer a high degree of differentiation and an attractive value proposition to the automotive market."


Rosen's corporate headquarters is conveniently located in Southern California with access to one of the largest automotive markets in the world.


Rosen's in-house engineering staff utilizes the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for product and circuit board development. This assures our customers of quality products built to exacting specifications.


Rosen's in-house test laboratory tests all new products to a rigid and demanding criteria prior to their market launch. In addition, Rosen does 100% incoming inspection on all products so our customers are completely satisfied.



Our roots date back to 1980, when Rosen was focused exclusively on the aviation industry. In the early 1990's, Rosen emerged as a leader in LCD flat panel displays for private aviation and launched products specifically designed for the automotive market. Rosen became immediately recognized as an industry leader in automotive due to their "Leading Edge" product innovation. Rosen's very recognizable "Look and Feel" was born. From the very beginning, the Rosen brand has been based on developing and delivering high quality, leading edge and proprietary designs.


Rosen Electronics, LP remains a pioneer in its field and is the brand most associated with product design and innovation. Their forward-looking culture continues to deliver a "Legacy of Firsts" to the industry. These include:



Rosen was the First OEM validated and approved mobile video supplier to the following car companies/divisions:


Rosen holds a significant intellectual property (patent) portfolio for mobile video products with over 50 issued or pending, Rosen has established a reputation for mobile video product innovation that is second to none.

At Rosen, we believe the keys to our success are an uncompromising commitment to product performance, quality and a customer-centric culture based on the concepts of service and partnership. This drives us in everything we do.

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