How to Become a Rosen Products Dealer


The Rosen TEAM thanks you for your interest in becoming a Rosen Authorized Dealer. Completing this form and submitting to Rosen is the first step in the process. Please complete all required data fields as any incomplete submittal will delay processing of your request. Once received, Rosen's Sales TEAM will review the information and contact you about becoming a member of our rapidly growing Rosen family of Authorized Dealers. Completion of this questionnaire does not automatically qualify you to become a Rosen Authorized Dealer as additional credit and geographic reviews will be required.



*Required Information in Red

Business Name:
Street Address:
Unit #:
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Fax #:
Your Name:
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Business Type:
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Dealer Expediter
12 Volt Retailer
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Business Mix (estimate the percentage of business for each product listed to total 100%)

% Mobile Video Systems
% Audio Systems
% Navigation Systems
% Alarms
% Automotive Accessories
% Other (describe)



If Currently Installing Video Systems Please Answer These Questions

What brands do your carry?
How many total mobile
video systems do you
install/sell monthly?
Complete the detailed section as follows:
# ceiling mount systems w/ Remote Source Unit
# Overhead All-In-One Systems
            (Monitor and source unit in one overhead pod)
# In-Dash Systems
Describe the most popular system you sell:
Unit Sales Per Month



*** Thank you for your interest in ROSEN mobile video products!! ***